Zawadi Africa Education Fund


Zawadi Africa Education Fund provides university scholarships, leadership development and life skills training to academically gifted but financially disadvantaged African girls, with the objective of developing a pipeline of young African women leaders. Zawadi Africa was formed with the belief that together with a world class education and the right character development, young African women will be able to return to their home countries empowered and equipped to make significant, positive impact in their communities.

Africa is a continent where women traditionally have not had a voice in the development of their community. The Zawadi Africa Education Fund was founded in 2002 by Dr Susan Mboya, and is based on the highly successful Kennedy-Mboya Africa Student Airlifts Program of the 1960’s, pioneered by Tom Mboya, and President John F. Kennedy.

Zawadi’s vision is to empower African women to participate in the development of the continent through education and self determination. Our mission is that we will actively shape the future of the continent through the gift of quality education and empowerment of Africa women to become global leaders and role models who inspire new generations.