HALI Access Network

HALI (high-achieving and low-income) students are young people from sub-Saharan Africa who come from low-income backgrounds, have achieved success in their secondary studies, and are hoping to continue their educational journey at the university level. The HALI Access Network is a coalition of non-profit organizations, secondary schools, tertiary institutions and other access organizations that work together to invest in HALI students and their university ambitions.

What we do


Through its advocacy work, the network seeks to support all HALI students by advocating for admissions, financial support, scholarships and fairness in the application process. The group identifies opportunities for students and also supports universities with information and clarifications on different students in the African context. By advocating as a network, we are able to reach a wider audience and address a broader range of issues that are important to our students and our member organizations.

Some of our past advocacy projects have included:


We bring together professionals from around the world and both sides of the admissions desk to help African HALI students pursue their higher educational goals. Our annual conference—the Indaba—is an opportunity for Member Organizations and Friends of HALI to gather, collaborate, and engage in meaningful discussion about our work.

By connecting individuals from all stages of the university admission process, we help lay the groundwork for successful university applications and life-changing educational experiences.

HALI publishes detailed Country Profiles to assist education professionals in evaulating and contextualizing student academic credentials.


    Just as each of our Member Organizations supports its HALI students, the network supports its members through mentorship, professional development opportunities, exchange programs, and access to a variety of benefits from network partners. We enable each of our Member Organizations to pursue their unique missions by joining forces and lending aid and encouragement to one another.

     Visit the HALI Blog to learn more about our active projects.

      How we started

      It was a quick conversation and the idea was simple: bring together key leaders of organizations in Africa which support HALI students and their search for quality higher education. Rebecca Zeigler-Mano, Director of Education Matters, and Rebekah Westphal, Director of International Admissions at Yale University, saw a need and an opportunity. Planning for the first HALI Indaba began.

      At this initial gathering in Zimbabwe there were 21 key leaders representing organizations from across the African continent in addition to university admissions representatives and others. The first Indaba was sponsored by the HigherLife Foundation.

      Our Governance structure

      During the second Indaba in Rwanda, the governance structures were formed for the HALI Access Network and a Secretariat/Chair was elected.

      The Executive Committee:

      • Chair(s)-elect
      • Chairs of each sub-committee
      • HALI Access Program Director


      • Membership
      • Mentorship & Training
      • Advocacy
      • Communication
      • Indaba Planning

      HALI Secretariat:

      Misco Mungai, Program Director

      2021-2023 Chair

      Alan Davidson, KenSAP