Ushindi Education Initiative

Ushindi Education Initiative enables high achieving but low income students in Africa to acquire international education opportunities by joining international colleges and universities that provide experiences that are academically challenging, professionally relevant, and personally engaging for students in Africa. UEI was founded by Solomon and Moses both experienced college counselors and 2014 alumni scholars of the International Association of College Admission Counseling (IACAC). UEI has participated in several events organised by the HALI Network and has been a part of several educators’ conferences including the Yale Young African Scholars Program (YYAS).

We work to enhance the development of global and multicultural competencies enormously valuable in an increasingly interconnected world. UEI inspires, informs, guides and supports students, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to engage effectively with local and global communities and become culturally perceptive citizens and leaders who can contribute to further development of the African continent.

In Africa, there is a limited number of students who are able to make it past secondary education. This is mainly as a result of lack of required resources, and career support, among other reasons. In Africa, there are limited schools that have fully developed college career centers. Most secondary schools have teachers also doubling as a school counselor and usually have limited time left to provide quality career support to students. In addition, there is limited access to information related to college applications. While there are many organizations working with secondary schools in various fields which could potentially make them a good fit for admissions to international colleges, they have limited or no focus on supporting the students to apply for these education opportunities. This is the gap we address.