Pestalozzi Zambia

Pestalozzi Zambia Children’s Trust (PZCT).

Established in 1995, PestalozziWorld is an international alliance of organizations that provides scholarships, housing and vocational training to children ages 10-18, from families living in remote, rural areas of Africa and Asia, who have demonstrated academic ability in primary school but have no local access to secondary school. Operations in Zambia are overseen by the Pestalozzi Zambia Children’s Trust. The Pestalozzi Children’s Village in Zambia began in 1998 as a residential and skills training centre for 80 girls from rural areas. It has evolved into a Centre currently accommodating 260 boys and girls, not only from Zambia but also from refugee camps, with refugees from Angola, Congo and other neighboring African countries. It has two Children’s Villages within Lusaka: Kasisi (for the youngest children, Grades 5 and 6) and Ibex Hill (for children in Grades 7 to 12). The Pestalozzi Zambia now employs over 100 local members of staff.