Our Moon Education


Our Moon Education is a small charity based in Zambia. We unleash the potential in high achieving, low income young people so that, through education opportunities and personal guidance, they can contribute to positive social change within their country and on the continent.

Our Young Leaders programme is a one-year full-time, residential course that prepares students to realise their potential to instigate change. We focus on developing their written and oral communication skills, critical thinking and problem solving. They volunteer within our community and produce a reflective essay mentored and marked by external teachers. We guide their university choices applications and prepare them for SATs and SAT subject tests.

To reach a wider group of young people, we also have an Ambassadors of Social Change programme where prepare them, through volunteering and improving their communication skills, to return to their communities with a project to aid change.

In four years, Our Moon has unlocked education scholarships worth just over £2million both within Africa and at top universities around the world.