Nolbed Foundation


No One Left Behind Educational Foundation (NOLBED) was founded in 2009 to bridge the gap between exceptional students and quality education in economically underprivileged communities. Our goal is to give selected candidates the opportunity to apply to top tier colleges in the United States for full scholarship. Our vision is to develop ethical leaders with the knowledge and skills to positively reconstruct their lives and communities.

Our belief is that the good of the individual and the communal good are indivisible as they rely on each other in a reciprocal relationship. Nolbed’s program is designed to eliminate barriers to allow candidates to manifest their potential. Barriers include SAT tutoring and registration, study materials, college counseling services, etc. Candidates volunteer with civic engagement offices, through our partners, within their communities.

We provide support that includes SAT tutoring, registration, study materials, volunteering opportunities, college counseling services, mentoring, leadership development, emotional and academic support. Candidates become mentors to subsequent class. Beneficiaries of the program are formally introduced into networks of next-generation leaders dedicated to changing the economic and social progress across the African continent.