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Meto is a nonprofit that exists to increase access to higher education for students across the world. At no cost to students and high schools, Meto can help students find better university fits.

Named after the Latin word for “gather,”‚Äč Meto supports students by reversing the university search process.

Currently, students bear the burden of navigating a complex, expensive, and culturally-foreign application process. These challenges prevent students from finding tertiary-study opportunities that already exist. Meto reverses the university search process so that students are no longer solely responsible for finding higher education opportunities; institutions now have the opportunity to contact and recruit students who never would have applied on their own.

For students, these connections are a huge win: they go from guessing which institutions might be a good fit academically and financially to making informed decisions about where they will apply. Meto also offers an easy-to-use tool for high school counselors so they can easily track which universities have expressed interest in their students.

Meto works with a large number of HALI students across Africa by connecting them to universities and scholarship programs globally.