Imagine Scholar


Started in 2009, Imagine Scholar is a rigorous after school enrichment program for secondary school students in the Nkomazi Region of South Africa.

Through a highly selective selection process, ten, grade 9 students are chosen each year to join the program. Imagine Scholar is built on a platform of the development of our four C’s. These include cultivating community leadership, enhancing critical thinking skills, strengthening communication, and building personal character. Ultimately our aim is to create a network of young leaders by fostering curiosity, creativity and inquisitiveness.

Our students play an active role in the development of Imagine Scholar. From the organization’s first days, students have made this program into what it is today. From unit planning to the selection of each new class of students, each Imagine Scholar’s voice is valued equally in the decision making and growth that takes place in our education center.

The ownership that this places on the students leads to their investment in not only Imagine Scholar, but the development of our community as a whole. In addition to gaining breadth and depth within traditional subjects, our youth proactively explore complex topics and learn new skills including: using advanced technology, forging partnerships with career professionals, analyzing African and world leaders, studying philosophy, practicing research methods, and much more.

Once chosen to join Imagine Scholar, youth enter into a lifelong commitment to transform themselves and their communities. Imagine Scholar is creating a network of future leaders of South Africa.