Education For All Children


EFAC offers a comprehensive education-to-employment program that prepares the brightest and most vulnerable youth in Kenya for success by developing their academic, leadership, and life skills capabilities. Eight years of scholarships for secondary and university education, skill-building workshops, service learning, and intensive mentoring are currently being provided for over 650 students throughout Kenya. EFAC students would not have been able to continue their education past the 8th grade due to lack of fees for high school and beyond without these scholarships.

Because we know that education is not enough to overcome poverty, we provide a series of interventions to close the gap between academic learning and employable skills. Along with hosting our Bridge Workshops, we layer in opportunities like online courses and corporate training programs. We also hired a Career Development Manager and opened a Career Resource Center in Nairobi, designed to provide EFAC scholars with space to network, job shadow, and be mentored by professionals.