Congratulations to Misco Mungai!

July 1, 2022

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Misco Mungai has been appointed as the inaugural Program Director for the HALI Access Network! She will begin in her new role on July 1. Misco Mungai is a passionate advocate of equal access to opportunities and quality education for sustainable and inclusive development. She is a certified Project Management Professional with ten years work experience in administration, program design, stakeholder management, and youth development in the development and education sectors. Most recently, six of these years were spent designing programs, curriculums and experiences to equip high school students and graduates with skills and competencies to thrive in their post-secondary pathways both locally and internationally. During that time, she has supported cohorts of HALI students from Kenya and South Sudan access funding and other resources to guarantee their transition into tertiary education on and off the continent. 

In her volunteer time, Misco has served on the inaugural Communications Committee for the HALI Access Network and consequently on HALI’s Training and Mentorship Committee. She also served as a mentor in the New York Times ‘This Is 18’ project that offered teenage girls across the world an opportunity and platform to celebrate girlhood and create awareness on the issues they face in their communities. Misco was a mentee of the 2019 Kectil Youth Leadership program. She is currently a member of the International Association of College Admissions Counselors, the HALI Access Network and the Project Management Institute. 

Many thanks go to our hiring committee for their work in interviewing and evaluating candidates for the role: Levina Ansong Teye, Vivian Deus, Fonda Kempton, Rebekah Westphal, and Rebecca Zeigler-Mano. 

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