The Knowledge Institute


The Knowledge Institute is an Eswatini registered NGO started in 2013 by three Swazi students after identifying a huge information gap for high school students who wanted and were qualified to pursue higher education. TKI provides information and counseling on universities, scholarships and the application process for opportunities around the world. The Knowledge Institute is a digital media organization that creates, curates and publishes university and scholarship content through various online channels, as well as through outreach, workshops, student programs and events.

TKI has 3 main programs: 1. High achieving student program – 6 month program for the top 10% students 2. Pre University Clubs – school based clubs (launching 2019) 3. Youth Development Program – workshops, events and others focused on topical youth issues and opportunities Our vision is to increase the rate of high school students from Eswatini who pursue higher education by 50% in the next five years. TKI has helped a number of students access opportunities in Africa (South Africa, Ghana, Rwanda, Mauritius) Europe, Asia and the Americas. They are in various industries including health care, engineering, computer science, business, environmental studies and others.