Edulcod Togo


Founded in 2017, Edulcodtogo is a non-profit organization whose aim is to educate, inform and create opportunities for high-achieving but low-income students. The main fields of work of Edulcodtogo are Education, Leadership and Community Development. Putting younger learners at the center of their community development is important since they are the springboard of its development. They must be aware that they should bring their contribution to develop their community no matter where they are and whatever little they have. Edulcodtogo helps students to unleash their leadership potential and impact their peers where they are in school and in their communities. Youth who are Edulcodtogo members are the pillars of leadership and community service in their localities and are trained to be role models for their peers.

Top students who hear their Baccalaureat in Togo with distinction, can end up staying at home because of financial challenges. Edulcodtogo uses college counselling to assist ​t​o face this challenge and expose high-achieving, low-income youth to various international opportunities for funded university study. Very few students and educators in Togo are aware of educational opportunities available to students who work hard and show a strong commitment to their studies, their leadership and their communities. ​Edulcoltogo is the only non-profit organisation in the Northern part of Togo which is assisting students in the application process for university admission and scholarship including how to write their personal statement, complete college applications and financial aid forms.