17 Jun 2016
Rebecca Zeigler Mano

Pestalozzi International Village Trust is a registered charity, based in the UK, supported by trusts, individuals and foundations. We offer a unique two year scholarship programme to students from 9 countries across the globe, who are academically bright, but economically disadvantaged. The scholarships allow 16-19 year old students the opportunity to study the A-level programme, whilst living in the multi-cultural, multi-faith environment of the Pestalozzi Village in East Sussex.

We currently house 43 students from nine countries: Belize, India, Nepal, Tibetan Communities, Bhutan, Indonesia, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The rigorous selection process engages with partners in these countries to seek out students who accurately fit the criteria of academic excellence, leadership potential and challenged economic circumstances.

Ed Tourle joined the Pestalozzi team in 2014 as Head of Student. He oversees their education programme, liaising with two local providers; he mentors in careers, employability skills and college guidance and serves as Head Counsellor for all university applications.